Friday, October 19, 2012

Hurrying to Catch Up!

A.J. Croce, son of folk-rock legend Jim Croce, signs CDs for BPACC fans

A.J. Croce renders McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" at dinner stage show

A.J. Croce Guitar at BPACC

An A.J. Croce Guitar at BPACC
We're hurrying to catch up and tell you what we've been up to!

Roaring Fork Driving Tour in Gatlinburg, TN

Dancers at Townsend Heritage Festival


Wood 'n Strings, Home of Clemmer Dulcimers, Townsend

Barn and split rail fence in Cade's Cove near Gatlinburg
  • I want to thank you for coming to the Historic Town Square this past summer to pick or just enjoy the music. It was mighty hot, then rainy, then hot again, and now it's ideal! Join us on Oct. 19 for our last jam session at the Square for 2012. See you at Collierville United Methodist Church on Oct. 26, for a great indoor season of bluegrass and old-time music. We look forward to returning to the Square on about April 12, 2013. Follow us wherever we go!
  • Thanks for the helpful comments about the jam; the weekly reminder; the bluegrass TV schedule for the Memphis market (WKNO-10 and WKNO2-Comcast 910) with Song of the Mountains, Jammin' at Hippie Jack's, Bluegrass Underground, and the Sun Studio Sessions; the top-name bluegrass acts that come to play for you; and for helping the jam to grow with each passing year. In April, we will begin our 14th year at the Historic Town Square.
  • I have been to the Casey Jones Old-Time Music Festival at the Old Country Store in Jackson, TN, and that was so much fun. The bands that performed were great! Clark Shaw, Steve Patterson, and all the great folks around the Old Country Store do a wonderful job in making sure everybody has a good time at I-40 Exit 80-A.
  • Leroy Troy & the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band stopped by 2984 Harvester Lane a while back, and their brand of comedy and bluegrass is just plain good for the soul! I hope you got to see them!
  • I have traveled to East Tennessee to check out the Townsend Heritage Festival and to visit with my newly-discovered sister Jan from Virginia (it was 2006, actually, when I began my search). We had a fine time getting to know each other better and touring the sights arounnd Townsend--Cade's Cove, Roaring Fork Driving Tour, the Glade's Road Craft Tour, and that heritage festival. The bluegrass music and dancing were extraordinary! We made it to the Apple Barn restaurant and gift shop. We found the Firefly Cafe, a great little spot spot to eat in Townsend. And we checked out Wood-n-Strings, the lovely dulcimer shop where the Clemmers have a fine selection of instruments of all kinds.
  • I have had serious dental surgery which sent me looking for mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese for a few days. I'm glad that's over!
  • CEDAR HILL'S FRAYSER SHOW ON NOV. 25, 2012 CANCELED DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES! I must tell you that Frank Ray & Cedar Hill Bluegrass are on their way to 2984 Harvester Lane, Frayser, TN, on Sunday, November 25, from 2-4 PM CST. They'll do a U-turn after that show and head to the Collins Theater in Paragould, AR, where Marty Scarbrough conducts "Bluegrass Monday" each fourth Monday. Join Frank and the gang for their fine brand of bluegrass music on November 25. It's a fine way to top off Thanksgiving weekend.
  • I guess you know by now that the Claire Lynch Band is coming to Bartlett Performing Arts & Conference Center on January 11, 2013. Claire, Matt Wingate, Bryan McDowell, and the unforgettable Mark Schatz will hit BPACC with instrumentals, vocals, and even clogging (or was that buck dancing we saw in Paragould?).
  • And then there was the dinner stage performance at BPACC by A. J. Croce, son of the legendary Jim Croce. The young man masterfully handled the guitar and the piano. He was awesome! I bought albums and I would go to see him again. He is not a bluegrass musician, but one has to stretch every now and then.
  • Thanks to 'The Auctioneer" for reminding me to update this blog.   Pick away!

Kacey Cannon & Friends -- Casey Jones Museum

Tyler and Trace Cartwright -- Casey Jones Museum

Betty and Jan in Cade's Cove in East Tennessee

Pickers at Townsend (TN) Heritage Festival

CEDAR HILL'S FRAYSER SHOW ON NOV. 25, 2012 CANCELED! Cedar Hill:  Pete Brown, Jim Bunch, Patti LaFleur, Frank Ray, Shannon Cox

Bryan McDowell, Claire Lynch, Matt Wingate (not pictured -- Mark Schatz)