Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mickey Davis' Family Music History Spans 100 Years!

Fiddler Mickey Davis' Family Music History Spans 100 Years!

        Mickey Davis, of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama, passed on this week to join that Angel Band. We will not focus on that event here, but rather we will show you photos and newspaper articles sent to us by friends of Mickey's who wanted to share them with the world of bluegrass music. From the days of the Champagnolle String Band of the '20s and '30s, to the Chitlin' Switch Roadrunners of the early '50s, to the Smithsonian National Fiddle Championship in '74, the musical Davis family has been right there!
       In more recent times, there were school demonstrations with Mickey showing youngsters how a fiddle works. There was the band known as Bluegrass Kun-Tree, which later changed their name to Union Kun-Tree,a celebration of the induction of Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR), and even an introduction to President Ronald Reagan. Get this...Mickey went on to Mississippi to join the Jackson Symphony Orchestra! His "fiddle" became a "violin" at that point. Mickey and his pickin' family and friends have hung out with some pretty fancy folks. We think you will enjoy seeing some of the pictures from Mickey Davis' amazing life in music. I said ages and ages ago that Mickey's was the sweetest fiddle I ever heard. I'm sticking with that statement today.

*NOTE: The Pipeline Employees picnic photo and the Steps of the Arkansas Capitol Building photo--Both are split for some reason. Use the bar below to manipulate left to right and right to left. I apologize for that problem.

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