Friday, April 26, 2013

Claire: "How do you like my band?"
and before heading to Alabama and Florida for their tour of Southern states, the CLAIRE LYNCH
BAND pulled in at the Station Inn in Nashville, TN, on Thursday, April 25, 2013. The tiny spot in what is now known as The Gulch, is located at 402 12th Avenue South, just off Broad Street. Fans in and around Nashville know and love Claire Lynch and her incredible band. They were ready and waiting to hear the band. We discovered a line of 30 people standing outside the Station Inn an hour before the door opened at 7:00 PM.
       Protocol says that the listener enters the building, pays the cover, picks out his favorite seat in the house, goes to the counter to order a pizza and something cold to drink, and prepares himself for a great night of music. Chances are that he knows several people there in the room. Owner J.T. GRAY and his sidekicks ANN SOYARS and LIN BARBER make sure that everyone is comfortable and set for the night. It works out well for everybody.
Claire: "Buttermilk Road, guys!"
Claire:"Check , M-m-m, Hello, Ah-h-h"
       The band comes in early to check the sound and to work out last-minute details of their show. By 9:00 PM, it's time for the band to kick! And the Claire Lynch Band can kick! Award-winners all, the Claire Lynch Band is a bluegrass force to be reckoned with! BRYAN McDOWELL handles fiddle and mandolin duties, along with vocal harmony. MARK SCHATZ is the cut-up in the group, as he shows what he can do with old-time clawhammer banjo, upright bass (with or without bow), "body" and vocals. That body thing? He can slap and make music with every part of his body, including his feet. He slaps, he clogs, he sings, and he is such a treat to watch.   MATT WINGATE is a world-class guitarist! He plays acoustic guitar, archtop, mandolin, bouzouki, and probably many more instruments. An accomplished singer, Matt harmonizes with Claire, Bryan, and Mark, to give the band their unique sound. CLAIRE LYNCH? The very mention of her name calls to mind 35+ years of running the road, refining her craft, and having the experience of being one of the best who plays with some of the best. An award-winning singer-songwriter and IBMA Female Vocalist of the year in 2010, Claire is known and loved all over the world. If you've been meaning to catch the band, visit the Claire Lynch website to see the band's extensive schedule. 
Wall-to-wall mandolins on Birdland Breakdown
       We will show you their song list and some photos from the wonderful evening with the Claire Lynch Band at the Station Inn in Nashville.
Mark: "I'll just use this sign for my clogging!"
Song List: Crazy Over You, Thibodeaux, Jealousy, Hummingbird, Leavin' on that Evenin' Train, Dear Sister (title cut of CD soon to be released), One More Night, Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing, Doing Time, Buttermilk Road/Stay All Night, Be All Right Tomorrow, Everybody Knows I've Been Crying, Katy Hill, Paul and Peter Walked, Barbed Wire Boys, Birdland Breakdown, Widow's Weeds, Sailing to Philadelphia, Wabash Cannonball, [Standing Ovation], Encore: Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring 
Mark: "Watch this, y'all!"
Blogger: "This band sends chills up my back!"

Check out theClaire Lynch Band!

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