Thursday, January 18, 2018

City Winery Nashville  September 30, 2017  
MERCY! WHAT A TIME THIS WAS! Having never seen singer-songwriters KENNY WHITE and CHERYL WHEELER, we had no idea what we were in for! As we write this, we're catching up on the blog. Turns out it's a very cold January day in 2018. See? Told you we were behind in our blogging. We're so glad we wrote it down, because there's no way we could have remembered all the songs they sang, the catchy lyrics, or the wild banter between Kenny and Cheryl. Oh my! 

     On keyboard and vocal is Kenny White. Fabulous! He chats and sings his way through his brief set that goes something like this: Road Less Traveled, She's Comin' on Saturday, The Heavens Got It Wrong, Cyberspace, The Other Shore, and My Recurring Dream. The songs are what we would call story-songs, and they hold our interest. We hope to hear more from Kenny White!
     Singer, songwriter, comedienne, folkie, naturalist, Cheryl Wheeler enters with her guitar and gets situated in her comfy slacks and untucked golf shirt. We heartily approve of the casual look. She is open and honest about life and lifestyle. There is zero pretense here. None! She is enormously funny and deadly serious in the same sentence. We also hope to hear more from Cheryl Wheeler, though she doesn't get down South from 'up Nawth' very often. From the mind and voice of this fine performer, we hear the following: If I Die Before You, Summer Fly (songwriter Cheryl Wheeler, sung on a favorite album of ours by Maura O'Connell, who was in the house that night, by the way),
Maura O'Connell shares a moment with Cheryl Wheeler
Little Lonely Thing, Kenny's Song ( Now I Like My Husband Better Than My Wife), Wives and Lovers (songwriter Cheryl Wheeler, popularized in 1963 by Jack Jones), My Inflatable Plane, Kitty (Cheryl's Jack Russell Terrier), Dead People's Houses, The Year of the Yellow Cab (1915, written for Cheryl's dad's 75th birthday), My Cat's Birthday, Gandhi/Buddha (I Must Have Done Something Great to Get to Have You...followed by...I Must Have Done Something Bad to Have You, Potato (Po-ta-to [syllables of the word must fall on the right beats]), and Cheryl's encore was Driving Home. The song titles and the themes of her songs totally fit with Cheryl Wheeler's very being. We're fans! We bought terrific albums from each artist: "Cheryl Wheeler Live featuring Kenny White" and Kenny White "Long List of Priors".
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