Sunday, March 18, 2018

February 24, 2018
     THE MANDOLIN WAS KING (OR QUEEN) for one monster weekend of demonstrating, teaching, a little lecturing, and practicing! All sorts of people showed up at Collierville VFW Post 5066 with all kinds of mandolins.
     The skilled artisans who pitched in to instruct were as follows:  DAVID PIERCE (organizer of the event), from the bands Tennessee Gentlemen, 2 Mule Plow, Tennessee Boltsmokers, and Tennessee Ripple; JAMES KEE, from the bands Hamilton County Ramblers and the Kati Penn Band; HARRY CLARK, from the bands Volume Five and the Jenni Lynn Band; and ANDY RATLIFF, from the creative Memphis duo of Eric Lewis and Andy Ratliff.
     We want to share some photos with you from that very special day!
     Look for more workshops soon! We want everyone to know their instruments better so that they can really enjoy playing bluegrass and old-time music!
     Special thanks to all participants who attended the workshop! Extra special thanks to the instructors who gave their time to help folks learn more about their mandolins.
L to R: David Pierce, James Kee, Harry Clark, Andy Ratliff
Posey Hedges
Harry Clark and Andy Ratliff
David Pierce and James Kee
Instructors' Jam at the end of the workshop
David Pierce, Andy Ratliff, James Kee, Harry Clark
David Pierce
Andy Ratliff
James Kee
Harry Clark
Instructors' Jam L to R: David Pierce, guitar; Andy Ratliff, old-time banjo;
James Kee, mandolin; Harry Clark, mandolin
David Pierce and Andy Ratliff
James Kee and Harry Clark

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