Thursday, August 8, 2013

George Banjos in "Banjo Newsletter" Review

       What a treat to read about TOM GEORGE and his George Banjos in the August 2013 issue of "Banjo Newsletter" (Vol XL, No. 10). His friends in West Tennessee have known about Tom and his lovely wife, CAROL, for quite a long time. They are favorites around the Memphis Area! Tom is an active participant in the regular Friday night Collierville, TN, Historic Town Square Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Jam when he is not building a banjo.
       The most recent issue of the popular newsletter contained a delightful article written by Dave Cannon. Dave visited the George's antebellum home in Somerville, TN, in order to prepare his article. 
       Tom's new apprentice who joined him in 2007 is another well-known local musician, CHRISTIAN STANFIELD. It is important for younger luthiers like Christian to learn from seasoned veterans. Christian has experience in bluegrass and old-time string band music, and he's added the building process to his skills. 
       Tom George has been about this banjo-building business since the 1960's, when he began  disassembling and reassembling banjos to see how they work. He got around to building his first banjo in 1970.
       Cannon's article displayed photos of Tom George, Christian Stanfield, and several George banjos: a plexiglass, a six-string, the Flour banjo and the Princess banjo. Tom and Christian produce an average of about one banjo per month, and they can build a banjo to suit the customer's particular needs.
       Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, TN, is the home of the old-time string band music festival known as "BREAKIN' UP WINTER," which is held annually on the first weekend of March. It was there that Dave Cannon spotted pictures of the plexiglass banjo, and he was fascinated. He was smitten with the look, feel, and sound of the George banjo.
       You may wish to find out more about "Banjo Newsletter," George Banjos, and about "Breakin' Up Winter". See the following links for information.

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