Thursday, February 6, 2014

High Fidelity takes 2014 Band Competition 

     The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA, headed up by Chuck Stearman of Kirksville, MO) has an annual convention/festival during the first weekend of February at the Nashville (TN) Sheraton Hotel near Nashville International Airport. It's a weekend of intense band competition, intense jammin' everywhere you look, and just a great time for everybody! John Lawless, bluegrass writer-reporter reports the following information sent to us by John Gay:

     "During this past weekend's SPBGMA convention in Nashville, High Fidelity was named the winner of their annual International Band Championship.

     "The band consists of Corrina Rose Logston on fiddle, Jeremy Stephens on guitar, Kurt Stephenson on banjo, Vickie Vaughn on bass, and Daniel Amick on mandolin. Corrina, Jeremy, and Kurt handle the vocals. Logston says that the win validated a pledge they all made, giving it a special meaning for them. [She said] 'I cried like a baby. There were so many good bands in that contest. It was a very emotional experience for me, especially because we had committed to doing all traditional bluegrass. As far as I understand, we were the only group to do that. It means so much that we were able to represent traditional bluegrass and receive this level of recognition. Because to me, it isn't just a win for us--it says, This music is still meaningful. It will always hold the utmost meaning to me.'

     "The complete list of winners follows:

1. High Fidelity
2. Bud's Collective
3. Blue Mafia
4. Jeff Scroggins & Colorado
5. Catahoula Drive
6. A Deeper Shade of Blue
7. Highway 60
8. Flat Rock Road
9. Tennessee Tradition
10. Adam McPeake & Mountain Thunder

Congratulations all!"

Special thanks to John Gay, John Lawless, the members of High Fidelity, and all the other great bands in the Top 10!

Pick away!

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