Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parlor Pickin' at Country Oaks B-n-B Delights Guests!

     At least once a year, we anticipate the announcement of a little event called a Parlor Pickin', which is held at the Country Oaks B-n-B in Mountain View, AR. The Pickin' is by invitation only, and the guests at the inn, plus some folks from town, thoroughly enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by innkeepers Jerry and Carole Weber. The innkeepers serve up a comfortable atmosphere in the parlor and dining room of the beautifully-appointed Country Oaks Bed and Breakfast Inn in Mountain View. Along with the hospitality, the couple serves up fabulous musicians and special treats of cake and light refreshments during intermission. Oh! It's a splendid occasion enjoyed by everyone!
     The guests assemble, the musicians arrive and begin to tune up their instruments, and soft chatter among old friends takes place prior to the seating of the musicians in front of the fireplace at Country Oaks. It's all just too delightful. We especially enjoyed Parlor Pickin' on March 15, 2014, with the introduction of  the incredible Brad Apple (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Pam Setser (dulcimer, spoons, vocals), and Gary Rounds (guitar and vocals), along with their old friend, Tim Crouch, fiddler extraordinaire! Tim found a free moment to escape from his role as fiddler on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN, to drop by for a couple of hours to play for the audience who had gathered for the annual event. There was even an audience participant named Royce (guitar and vocal), who is a fine singer. Royce moved past 'rank amateur' a long time ago with his version of "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine"!
     We will cut to the chase to show you a few photos and to tell you the songs and tunes we heard on this very special Saturday night. Enjoy!

Brad Apple on guitar

Pam Setser on dulcimer accompanied by Gary Rounds

Gary Rounds and his old friend Dusty

Apple, Setser, and Rounds making some fine music

Tim Crouch is tuned up and ready to play

Tim Crouch and Brad Apple

Tim Crouch on mandolin

Gary Rounds breaks up Pam Setser with his quick wit

Tim Crouch and Brad Apple bear down on a tune

Brad Apple entertains the audience and his fellow musician, Pam Setser

Tim Crouch plays a special fiddle tune

Royce sings and plays guitar for an appreciative Pam Setser

Brad Apple, Pam Setser on spoons, and Gary Rounds

 Can you remember the days of this group when it was called AKR (Apple, Kirby, and Rounds)?

      The entertainers dazzled their audience in their first set with the following songs and tunes:  Salt Creek, Steel Rails, Green Light on the Southern, Souvenirs, Old Dangerfield, Sweet Dreams, Have You Seen My Wife Mr. Jones, Bonnie Lass, More Pretty Girls Than One, Southern Accent, Back Up and Push, I Know Love Is All I Need, Walkaway Joe, and Pancho and Lefty.
     Following the break for refreshments and the sale of some albums, the second set ripped off with Uncle Pen and went from there with the following songs: Georgia, When You Say Nothing At All, Beulah Land, Orange Blossom Special, Keep the Lamp On Sadie, How's the World Treating You, I'm Goin' Over Yonder, Old Ebenezer Scrooge, Help Me Make It Through the Night, These Days, That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine, Milk Cow Blues, Shadow, Gone at Last, Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn, Ashokan Farewell, Seeds My Daddy Sowed, Crooked Ridge, and I Hope My Pony Knows the Way Back Home.
     If you're fortunate, you may catch these folks singing at the square in Mountain View, a little coffee shop in Hardy, AR, at Blanchard Caverns, at a local community college, or even at the Grand Ole Opry! Each musician has a CD project or two, but you have to dig around to find them. 
     Thanks to the Webers for their hospitality, the musicians for their splendid music, and the four-legged critters named Dusty, Tinker, Roscoe, and gorgeous Pearl, the cat who reigns over everything!

Yes, I'm Pearl, and I DO reign over everything!
                                                                     Pick away!

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