Saturday, July 26, 2014


Collierville Historic Town Square Jam
July 25, 2014
     People often ask us how and why we do what we do on Friday nights at the Collierville, TN, Historic Town Square. That's an easy one! We do it for the dedicated musicians and fans who have been coming to the Square for 15 years! Word-of-mouth has taken care of the huge numbers of folks we see each Friday evening. It's different every week. We never can tell who will show up to play or to just enjoy the music. That's the beauty of the thing! That, and the fact that it's all free entertainment! Such a deal!
       We have folks of all ages--little tykes to tykes with a little snow on the roof. We have pets and passers-by of all descriptions. We love all of them.
       Here are some photos filled with fond memories and some fresh-made memories. Enjoy the little tour. Come on out and join us 'til mid-October, when we will go indoors to Collierville United Methodist Church, 454 W. Poplar (around back at the Common Cup Coffee Shop). We pick the year 'round.
     Pick away!
Remembering Missy, our devoted regular four-legged fan. We shall miss Missy!

Loosening up the fingers and tuning the ol' instruments

Playing, watching, or just visiting--all are enjoying this!

Future bluegrass musician developing his technique

Players and fans enjoying the jam in the park

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