Tuesday, January 13, 2015


       FLUFFO is our neighborhood sweetheart. She had spent two wonderful years with us...until January 12, 2015. She wandered wherever she chose to go. We all fed her, kept water out for her, and just let her be. She didn't bark, bite, growl, approach or attack. She was just our little darlin'. She is a free spirit, determined not to be cornered or captured. Many had tried and failed. She had not counted on evildoers cloaked in do-gooder attire. We could have told her that a dark cloud was on her horizon.

       Enter Dark Cloud from Piperton, Tennessee. She set her sights on "rescuing" Fluffo. They know her at the local animal shelter. She showered us and Fluffo with dog food and treats, plus expensive bedding. Dark Cloud made dozens of trips up and down our streets watching for the dog as she plotted her strategy to grab Fluffo. She quoted Bible verses and square footage of her massive house and yard, telling us what all she could do for this dog. Be wary of folks who spout Bible verses and tell you how good they are. All Fluffo ever needed was her freedom to wander and do as she pleased.

       With the assistance of Turncoat who lives nearby (I can no longer call him 'neighbor'), Dark Cloud cornered and captured Fluffo in the fenced back yard of Turncoat's mother just across the road. It was a cold, gray afternoon, and Dark Cloud's husband Milquetoast dragged the dog across the yard to a cage that had been prepared for the capture. Fluffo ran from them, fought them, but she was overpowered. I stood on my porch crying and screaming, "Please don't take her! Please leave her alone! Please! Please, don't do this!" It was a rough day.

       Dark Cloud and Milquetoast got this precious free spirit into their car and drove off. Dark Cloud did all of this under the pretense of, "God bless you for taking such good care of this dog," which she had said many times over the past two months. It was all a deception, for the Dark Cloud knew the day would come and she was prepared.

       While Fluffo's freedom has come to an end, at least for now, we neighbors who loved and nurtured her will miss her every hour of every day. We are devastated, sick to the core of our being. She deserved so much better than to be grabbed by greedy hands and dragged into a cage and forced to live indoors in captivity. Dark Cloud cannot conquer Fluffo's free spirit! Never!

       Please keep Fluffo and her real friends in the neighborhood in your thoughts and prayers! Special thanks to those who kept her fed and watered and who allowed her to just be herself.

       She is a good dog. Our little darlin'.

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