Monday, April 3, 2017

The Morton Museum
of Collierville TN History
Takes Us Back to the
"Good Ol' Days"
March 25, 2017
Mural depicting Collierville TN in earlier times
 "Remember those Good Ol' Days when a bottle of Coke(r) was only a nickel..?" (lyrics credit to Steve Gregory, Tennessee Gentlemen Bluegrass Band), and they were indeed some 'good ol' days'. The Morton Museum of Collierville TN History (formerly known as "The White Church") at the corner of Poplar Avenue and North Main Street in Collierville has a wonderful collection of items on display that were made and/or distributed in the town. Remember the Wonder Horse(r)? Made in Collierville in a Quonset hut just off the Historic Town Square. There are many other items, plus artifacts from the Battle of Collierville during the War Between the States or, as some hard-liners would say, the War of Northern Aggression. Today's version of that sad event is known simply as the Civil War.

Quonset Hut on South Main before
refurbishing in 2015-16
Wonder Horse(r) made in Collierville, TN
"Giddy-Up, Horsie!"
On March 25, 2017, the museum held a sort of open house in which artisans wore authentic costumes and displayed samples of quilting, weaving, candle-making, and other crafts which were popular during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Of course, there was music from back in the day, and local musicians displayed and explained the instruments they used while performing.
     Originally scheduled for location at the Log Cabin on the Town Square, the event was moved indoors to the Museum when unpredictable spring weather threatened to dampen the quilts and the spirits. Like the troupers they are, artisans and musicians moved indoors and the spectators and fans followed. The lovely stained-glass windows and the feel of the hundred-plus year-old church made for a perfect background to the pages out of the history books. It was splendid!
     We shall simply show you some photos of the event. We shall also encourage you to visit the Morton Museum of Collierville History at your first opportunity. It's worth the trip!
     Special thanks to all who volunteered their time and expertise to entertain and inform the visitors!

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