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December 29, 2017
Jerry Douglas and his Dobro(r) at City Winery Nashville
     WE HAD NOT SEEN Jerry Douglas in many a year. Obviously, it had been much too long. We surely had not seen the Jerry Douglas Band...ever. All of the musicians who performed with Jerry Douglas are beyond belief! Just incredible! 
Christian Sedelmyer and Jerry Douglas
Doug Belote at rear
Daniel Kimbro and Mike Seal
     JERRY DOUGLAS AND THE JERRY DOUGLAS BAND filled the stage to the brim with fabulous musicians and beautiful instruments. Jerry has launched far beyond his days as the top Dobro(r) player in the bluegrass world. Give a listen to "The Transatlantic Sessions" sometime to see what we mean. The band's music has Celtic and bluegrass roots, and there are influences from blues, reggae, jazz, and Eastern European music. From where we sat that evening, it appeared that Jerry was having more fun than anybody else on the stage. He moved all over the place and grinned and picked with each and every member of his band. He has grabbed up some of the finest in their field from everywhere: CHRISTIAN SEDELMYER (fiddle), MIKE SEAL (guitar), DANIEL KIMBRO (bass), VANCE THOMPSON (trumpet), JAMEL MITCHELL (saxophone, graduate of Memphis Overton High School for the Performing Arts, son of James Mitchell of the Memphis Horns, and nephew of the great Willie Mitchell--Jamel has his credentials in order!), and  DOUG BELOTE (drums).
Jerry Douglas and Daniel Kimbro
Vance Thompson and Jamel Mitchell
Christian Sedelmyer at far right
Here are the selections from that special evening: Unfolding (Edgar Meyer tune); Baby's Leavin' on the 2:19; What If (Grammy-nominated album); Gone to Fortingall; Hey Joe (Billy Roberts tune covered by Jimi Hendrix); The Remarks You Make; Battle Stick; Something You've Got, Baby; Cavebop (inspired by Jerry's dream about Charlie Parker and Fred Flintstone); We Hide and Seek (or Come and Go, Jerry added); The Last Wild Moor; Freemantle (collaboration between Jerry Douglas and Bela Fleck); Who's Your Uncle; and the Encore was Sir Allie B (Allie Bain).
     The Jerry Douglas Band completed the night of music from here on Earth and perhaps even other planets! Catch all these artists whenever you can!
Christian Sedelmyer, Vance Thompson and Jamel Mitchell behind Christian
Jerry Douglas (center), Doug Belote (rear) and Daniel Kimbro (right)
For more information:
Just Google Jerry Douglas and the Jerry Douglas Band, then Google each artist individually.
City Winery Nashville  609 Lafayette St. 37203 - 615.324.1010


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