Saturday, May 26, 2018

MAY 26, 2018
I NEED A MOMENT to catch my breath from what is going on here in the world of bluegrass music.
Breathe in...breathe out. Repeat often.
OK. I'm good now!
Mark Schatz at Claire Lynch Band Record Table, Collins Theatre, Paragould, AR  2012

     Our friends legendary bluegrass bass player Mark Schatz and his wife Eileen could really use our help right now. Eileen is in the fight of her life! It's Stage III pancreatic cancer and treatment is very expensive. You can help these members of our bluegrass music family by going to their GoFundMe page and making a donation right now. Just Google 'Send Eileen Love's Healing Power' or just type in Mark Schatz GoFundMe page. Any donation, large or small, is appreciated. Please go there now, and thanks for your generosity!
     You might add Mark and Eileen Schatz to your prayer list, too! The power of prayer is undeniable!
Pick away!

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