Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part 3: Why Ya Been Gone So Long?

Sunnyside mansion comes with its own mysteries, a dungeon (now filled in) and tales of days gone by. It was the home of Col. Granville Sevier. It's located in Sevier Park in Nashville, TN. This writer grew up in Sevier Park, learning tennis, basketball, and swimming along the way. She eventually became the pool director and swim team coach. Nearly all (if not 'all') of the Nashville Metro pools have been filled in and are now just memories.

Near Sevier Park and Sunnyside sits the beautiful two-story Tudor family home of mystery writer Sallie Bissell. The grand Tudor lady and her sometime-occupant escaped the intrusion of the I-440 loop around Nashville, but just barely. The construction of I-440 was not particularly kind to the walls and ceilings of the few classic old homes still standing in the area. Sallie Bissell spends much of her time these days in Asheville, NC. She was recently back home in Nashviille to read and sign her fifth novel, Music of Ghosts, which is available at Malaprop in Nashville and on the ever-present

Bluegrass or old-time content? Sallie Bissell's daughter plays the bass in old-time music. She has connections to Boogertown Gap and she currently performs with the Spring Chickens! You gotta love that name!

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