Monday, July 15, 2013


       Howdy, y'all! Welcome to Talkin' Bluegrass Music! We're ready to talk bluegrass music just about any ol' time! Betcha you are, too, 'cept when you're pickin'!

       We want to thank Dennis Hillery, editor of "Bluegrass Reflections," the great publication from the Southwest Bluegrass Club. The little featured item (July 2013) about the Tennessee Gentlemen was mighty nice! A big thanks from any and all who ever performed with the Tennessee Gentlemen. Mandolin player and leader, Troy Castleberry, would say in his Iuka, MS, drawl, "We wanna thank ya!"

L to R: Richard Bailey, Troy Castleberry, Donny Catron, Steve Gregory at home at the Shack about 1980
       As we look back on some great old times spent at the merchandise table for the Gents, we recall the wonderful fans and  friends (too many to list), the great music onstage and in jams around the festival grounds, the wonderful festival food, and mostly, just being in Texas!

       Taping almost every show we ever attended has allowed for some wonderful memories of yesteryear. We play the tapes and albums quite often. We look through the photo albums, too. It makes for a lot of smiles and even a few tears. Sing along with me even if it's just in your head: "Deep within my heart lies a melody/a song of old San Antone/where in dreams I live with a memory/of Rose my Rose of San Antone/Moon in all your splendor...."

       Thank you, Texas, for being so hospitable and for all the good times spent with you. When you're passing through Tennessee on I-40, and it's a Friday night, stop off just east of Memphis in Collierville, pull out the lawn chairs and your fiddle (banjo, mandolin, guitar, or bass) and join the Collierville Historic Town Square Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Jam. You are always welcome here!

Pick away!



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