Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute!

     We could all use a big slice of Christmas spirit right about now. It's been a really tough week for many families and their friends in Newtown, Connecticut. We wish them all well and we pray for their healing from the senseless murders of 20 beautiful children and six teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

     A good way to start the healing process is to stick together with friends and family, play music, and reflect often upon that loved one who meant so much. With a strong faith, they (and you!) can do it. Here are some photos from The Rusty Propeller Antiques in Rossville, TN. It's just across Main Street from the Wolf River Cafe. Owners of the Rusty Propeller, Geoff and Jessica, invited us to hold our weekly bluegrass jam in their wonderful antique store, so we did! We're all invited back next this locality! Sorry! Couldn't help it! Come on down for catfish at the Wolf  and bluegrass/old-time music at the Propeller!

Merry Christmas, everybody, and a Happy New Year!

Pick away!

Nothin' better than pickin' in an antique store!

Your break, Sherry! Pick it!

Show us whatcha got, Monroe!

Michael, Donna, Karl, and Peter gettin' after it!

Peter, Kacey, Bob, Monroe, Michael, Donna, and Karl playing Valerie's request

Coley says, "Sam, back me up on this frailin' banjo tune!"

Geoff (owner of The Rusty Propeller) smiles with approval! "Hey! This is great! Come back next week!"

Bob says, "Sherry, I got this one on my Dobro! Sam and Coley, let's go!"

Donna, Michael, Monroe, Sherry, Bob, Sam, Coley, Kacey, Peter, Frank (behind Kacey), Karl, and Valerie love their bluegrass and old-time music!

Fans: Claire, Melissa, Maggie, Randy, Frank's dad chatting and enjoying the music!

Martha visits with Wesley (the dog), Sam, Santa, and Sherry giving Santa some helpful hints!

Valerie and Santa Claus sharing in the music and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

'Cause Santa Claus is watchin' you! He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

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