Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve and Old-Time Music in Carthage, TN

 Grand Dame of Carthage: Fite, Ligon, Westmoreland, Ingram Home of 150+ years
     What's this about a bunch gettin' together in Carthage, TN, and bringin' in the New Year with a little old-time pickin'? Y'ain't kiddin', are ya? Naw, I ain't kiddin'! Jes' come on soon's ya can!

      Time moves too slowly for some in Smith County, TN, and a little too fast for others. Either way, the Cumberland River keeps on rollin', the chimes at the Baptist Church keep on chiming, and old-time pickers keep on a-pickin'.

      The Gallinippers ripped it wide open all night and clean into New Year's Day, along with their pickin' pals. They know more old-time tunes than anybody else I know!
Settin' the Strings on Fire
A Real Parlor Pickin'

Brief Pause for a Photo Op
Nobody parks a hat here but the Chief  Gallinipper

Load up and hang on for  Sutton's  Store in Granville
Chief & Miz Gallinipper

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