Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SPBGMA with Sugar on Top! Nashville, TN, February 2, 2013

       A little snow didn't keep the Jackson Area Plectral Society from being well-represented at the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) festival held at the Music City [Nashville, TN] Sheraton during the first weekend of February 2013. Several current and former members, some from years ago, such as BLAKE HOPPER, all seemed to be having a blast. 

       Saturday night, February 2, really got exciting when RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE came into the hotel lobby and started playing and singing. Many of the pickers pushed their way through the crowd to get to jam with Rhonda, and she was so kind to select a few at random to stand next to her to perform. You would not believe (or maybe you would!) that our own KACEY CANNON was selected and asked to join Rhonda's circle to sing a song. How good is that? What a thrill that was for Kacey and her family and friends to hear Kacey sing "East Virginia Blues" with Rhonda and her great band! Other well-known personalities such as TOM T. HALL and DOYLE LAWSON were spotted signing autographs.

       For you 'old folks' who might remember "Hee Haw," RONI STONEMAN, the lady who had her front teeth blacked out and played a mean banjo, came in the lobby to perform with all the folks. What a great weekend! 

       *Story adapted with permission from Coley and Marilyn Graves. Photograph by Randy Cannon. 



  1. Kacey is an up-n-comer in the world of bluegrass. She's a fan of Rhonda, Claire Lynch, Alison Krauss, and Laurie Lewis...to name a few! Thanks for climbing onboard, Tipper! Rhonda invited Kacey into the circle to jam at SPBGMA! Kacey went right on in there for "East Virginia Blues".