Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brad Apple and "Back from Gone"

BRAD APPLE has just completed "Back from Gone" (ACS3322) under his own label, and it is great! Do you need 'pleasant'? What about 'top quality'? Of course you need those attributes!

Brad's newest CD project is entirely his own--from recording, mixing, mastering, and graphic design, to running the CDs through the shrink-wrap machine! The music will soothe away all your cares and leave you filled! This is major stuff from an artist with a magic touch!

"Back from Gone" is available through CD Baby and from Brad, too, when you can catch him over around Batesville or Mountain View, AR. You might consider reviewing the album for CD Baby.

Brad's friend, Herb Pedersen, says, "It's good to know that acoustic music has one more gifted musician to carry on the tradition. Well done, my friend." (Herb Pedersen, Los Angeles, 2012)

Familiar favorites Tim Crouch, Scott Vestal, and Danny Crawford provided strong support on this solid solo project from Brad Apple. In his liner notes, Brad pays special additional tribute to his wife Charlotte, his parents, and his brother Brandon Apple.

Congratulations to Brad on this newest release, "Back from Gone".

Pick away!

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