Friday, March 1, 2013

Nashville: The Reservoir, United Record Pressing, Grimey's New & Preloved Music, and The Basement

       YES INDEEDY! I own every single one of the objects here on the screen. I can even find most of them within five minutes! There is just no getting around the fact that this writer is a 'child of the '50s'and '60's. Tonight's blog isn't strictly about bluegrass music, but I betcha Grimey's could locate a bluegrass album or two there in the shop! Right, Grimey?

         I was prompted to talk to you about these items and a big, round reservoir called...well..."The Reservoir" Nashville on 8th Avenue. From the reservoir side of the street, I can look across to see the absolutely funkiest little place in town! Grimey's New & Preloved Music is at 1604  8th Ave., So. Grimey's phone number is 615.254.4801. E-mail Grimey's at funky[at] They got vinyl! Yep! They surely do! Lots and lots of vinyl!
       Grimey's friends at United Record Pressing at 453 Chestnut St. are close enough for Grimey to sail a 45 record across and hit the pressing company right on the roof! United Records' phone numbers are 615.259.9396 or toll free at 866.407.3165. Those folks are pressing vinyl records 24/7 or close to that! Vinyl is back! Or it never really went away! E-mail United Record Pressing at united[at] NBC Nightly News did a story on this company on March 1, 2013. I am personally glad that I didn't throw away the 33 1/3 albums, the 45's, or anything else recorded on vinyl. A lady on WKNO2 just used the word 'record player'. Do you have yours? You're going to need it before long. Mine works, has a needle, and just needs a vinyl record by Wanda Jackson or Mother Maybelle and the Carters to play!

       My Duncan Yo-Yo with the rhinestones? I never did learn to manage it quite like those folks who used to demonstrate all the things that a yo-yo would do. I would have been happy if the yo-yo had just climbed back up the string!
       While I am standing over here Reservoir-side and trying to make this yo-you do tricks, I want to tell you about the basement of Grimey's. It's known as "The Basement". That Grimey! He just has a way with words! The Basement is the home of some of the coolest bands and individual performers--Minton Sparks, for example! This spoken-word artist has performed at The Basement any number of times and always to a packed house! Minton and her performing partner, John Jackson, provide superior entertainment. We of the generation of the '50s and '60s know about most of the people and events in her stories. Some stories are dark; some, not so dark. All are extremely entertaining. Visit The Basement at or contact Mike Grimes at mike[at]

Despite the fact that I spent large amounts of time with my 45's and later with my 33 1/3's, and despite the fact that I tried long and hard with that Duncan yo-yo, I did indeed graduate from high school (see class ring). I even went on to MTSC (as it was known back in the day) and then to Memphis State(as it was also known back in the day) for post-graduate work. That's my story tonight and I'm sticking to it.


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