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JULY 28, 2016
Photos from an earlier concert at Bartlett (TN) Performing Arts and Conference Center
No photos were allowed at the Franklin Theatre
     MAURA O'CONNELL and KARAN CASEY brought the fresh breezes of Ireland to Franklin, TN, and that's not the half of it! They brought along multi-instrumentalists JOHN MOCK and SEAN OG GRAHAM, the latter of whom arrived in Tennessee from Ireland mere hours before he performed with the group at The Franklin Theatre. These artists, separately and together, are nothing short of amazing! We are so glad we went to the concert!

Maura is from Ennis, County Clare in Ireland. She is a singer and actress who now calls America home. She has declared US citizenship. Welcome, Maura! Her modern interpretations of Irish folk songs have dazzled folks all over the world. Maura began her singing career at home in Ireland and later became the vocalist for the Celtic group called De Dannan. Wishing to experiment with music, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and met Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer, among others. Talk about starting at the top! Oh my! She made wonderful albums with songs that have become her stand-by tunes: Trouble in the Fields, Summer Fly, Western Highway, Feet of a Dancer, and Blue Train, to name but a few. Maura resides in Nashville with her husband and her son.
     Karan is from Kilmeaden, County Waterford in Ireland. She is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer. A former member of the Irish band Solas, Karan began singing in church and at school. Karan has more recently pursued a solo career which has taken her back and forth from Ireland to America. She recently released the album"Two More Hours," in which she wrote all the songs. The album also features Irish singer Mick Flannery, Abigail Washburn, and Aoife O'Donovan. You may recognize Karan Casey and Maura O'Connell (along with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Aoife O'Donovan and others) from the ground-breaking DVD project by Dobro(r) master and producer Jerry Douglas, called "The Trans-Atlantic Sessions". Karan and her husband have two daughters.
     Here are the selections for that magical evening in which Maura and Karan were accompanied by John Mock and Sean Og Graham. We shall add a few notes along where necessary:
Mick McGilligan's Ball (duet, Maura/Karan); The King's Shilling (anti-war song); The Salley Gardens (from the poem by W. B. Yeats); an Irish lullabye which we couldn't begin to spell in Gaelic; Shades of Gloria (by singer-songwriter Gerry O'Beirne, who has performed in Memphis at a house concert); Down the Dusty Way; New Dawn, New Day (Karan); One I Love (a Jean Ritchie song); Summer Fly (a Cheryl Wheeler song); a song in Gaelic to a 16-year-old daughter, to which Karan said she could relate; Trouble in the Fields (written by Nanci Griffith, Maura/Karan duet); John Mock instrumental; A Far Cry (written by Malcolm Holcomb); The Poor Man's House (written by Patty Griffin); Mary (also by Patty Griffin, Mary who was covered in roses, to whom Jesus said "I couldn't stay another day longer"); Home (written by Poet Laureate Paula Meehan); Still Standing (written by Janis Ian); May the Rain Always Fall Soft Upon Your Fields (written by Jonell Mosser, dedicated to Jesse and Mac who were in the audience--the song is a traditional Irish blessing); ENCORE: Leaving Neidin (written by Jimmy McCarthy about a beautiful place known as The Silver Tear, which is between Kerry and Cork in Ireland).
Catch all of these fine artists any time and anywhere you can. To paraphrase Maura O'Connell, "Miss them at your peril!!!"
For more information:
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Sean Og Graham   Twitter @ SeanOgGraham
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