Tuesday, October 4, 2016

     SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 was a big, really big, day for bluegrass and Americana music fans in Tennessee and wherever radio waves can travel. At noon on that date, WMOT FM 89.5, the 100,000-watt station which originates from the campus of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, TN, changed its format from classical to roots radio. How good is that! Oh yeah, very good! The event was broadcast from the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. This writer just happened to catch the event which was listed on the WPLN FM 90.3 (public radio in Nashville) daily internet blog.
New Logo for WMOT FM 89.5 Roots Radio in Middle Tennessee
     Suddenly, there were musicians coming 'live at me from my computer--musicians whom I had grown to know and love since discovering bluegrass music in the early 1980s at the Tennessee Gentlemen Bluegrass Shack in Lucy, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. There was Randy Kohrs, Mike Bub, Jim Van Cleve, Alison Brown, our longtime friend Richard Bailey, and Tammy Rogers, along with Suzy Bogguss, Will Hoge, and Mike Farris, to drop a few very popular names in Nashville Music.
     Thanks to Dr. Sidney McPhee, President of MTSU, Martin Fisher at the Center for Popular Music at MTSU, Ken Paulson, Keith Bilbrey, Craig Havighurst and Jim Lauderdale of Music City Roots (from The Factory, Franklin, Tennessee), Val Hoeppner, and so many more who are behind the scenes and making the transition work so well. We who love and write about bluegrass, old-time, and traditional music, are more than grateful for the exciting change in radio programming at WMOT FM.89.5. It happened right there on the campus of MTSU, home of my beloved Blue Raiders. We know that there are great things to come from WMOT FM 89.5 Roots Radio!
For more information:
WMOT-FM  http://www.wmot.org  Also on HD Radio
Music City Roots  http://www.musiccityroots.com
Pick away and don't touch that dial! 

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