Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm Missy and I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog

     I'M MISSY and I'm a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog! The lady typing this post said I could have the post all to myself, and I'm grabbing it! The Internet says that I'm sturdy, balanced, intelligent, strong, agile, easy-going, and a calm family companion (after my adolescent stage). Wait just a minute there, gal, who do you think you're talking about with that 'adolescent stage'? Huh? Here are a few of my glam shots which we made on July 20, 2012, at the Collierville Bluegrass Jam. It was close to 100 degrees, so naturally I'm not at my best, what with this fur coat and all! Oh, I neglected to mention that I do tend to plop right on your feet, keeping them warm winter and summer.  I bring my human, Glen, with me to the Historic Town Square every Friday night to listen to the music and mostly to visit with all the fans! Arf! (trans: "See you at the Square!")

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