Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Yesterday Once More

       Thirteen years ago, on December 11, 1999, an organizational meeting was held at the Agricultural  Center at Shelby Farms. The purpose of the meeting was to form the Memphis Area Bluegrass Association (MABA). Attendees were thrilled beyond words to finally pull pickers and singers together with the goal of spreading bluegrass music to the unenlightened. We were there to capture the event in pictures. No clue if there are any other photos of the very first meeting, but we are happy to share ours with you. Some of the photos will bring a smile, while others may bring a tear. Time has taken its toll--some of  the very first members have passed over Jordan, but we remember them so well. Do you have pictures from that first meeting?

       We shall post more photos later if you would like to see them. Recapture those early days of uncertainty mixed with enthusiasm for bluegrass music.

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