Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kids Are the Future of Bluegrass Music, Vol. 2

OK, I give up! I had a purty fair post with pictures and everything--all about the kids being the future of the music we all love so. Who knows where it went? Not I. We'll start over here and hope to include everyone we had before. Bloggerland must be full of lost posts, that's all I know! Put an instrument in a kid's hand early and often. Not sure if it will "stick"? Borrow or rent one and take him to a jam or a festival.

All right! Hit it, boys!

We're young but we sure can pick!

You're about half a fret shy over there, Man!

Max and Ruby Jane leave no doubt that it's about the kids!

I'd like to try that banjo, Mister!

The Toscanini Chamber Ensemble get after it on their fiddles!

Miss Lee, what is that called?

We're Bearfoot from Alaska! Which one is David Grisman's son?
I got this for my birthday and thought I'd practice a little before breakfast!


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